My Top First Dance Wedding Songs

The 1st dance as husband and wife is one of the moments that can make your wedding magical when you look back at the beautiful photo and wedding video. I have compiled a list of my personal favorite songs and most popular first dance wedding songs out there and also based on first dance song lyrics , suitable slow dance music for weddings and just being the best song that fit the occasion.

Ed Sheeran - Thinking Out Loud

This has got to be Ed Sheeran’s perfect first dance song. The lyrics are built for first dance.  In the music video you can see Ed ballet dancing, I dare you to try and do the same choreographed wedding dance.

John Legend - 'All of Me'

The chorus to this song will get the crowd singing along, "Cos all of me loves all of you".  This song it has to be one of the top all-time favorite love song hands down. I have played All Of Me first dance song to almost all my weddings weather as cocktail song or first dance song.

Al Green - 'Let's Stay Together'

Let’s Stay Together is my personal favorite Love song. If I had it my way every couple would get married to this song. Everything about this song makes me excited from the beat, to the lyrics.

John Legend - You & I

Another John Legend hit song, and this track You & I it is so sweet, so cute and empowers your Wife and helps you express feelings and physical attraction to your love of your life.

Bruno Mars - Just The Way You Are 

Okay I know that this song is a fast first dance wedding song, but whoever said that your first dance has to be slow.  Bruno Mars definitely nailed this song and it had definitely earned its position on my Top First Dance Wedding list.

Babyface - Every Time I Close My Eyes

They don’t make songs like this anymore Babyface – Everytime I close My Eyes, this has been  played at so many weddings over the years This is probably the best R&B wedding song first dance, a classic hit if you love 90s R&B this would be a great first dance songs.

Christina Perri - A Thousand Years

A thousand years is probably becoming a very popular song for first dance wedding songs. If you go on YouTube you will see a lot of brides & grooms that have done a routine to this song. It is a modern first dance song and the lyrics to the song are amazing.

MAJOR. - Why I Love You

This is not a popular song at all, for most of you reading this you probably never heard this song before.

Bee Gees - How Deep Is Your Love

Bee Gees if you love classic 70’s Disco music here is a good oldies first dance wedding songs.

Frank Sinatra - The Way You Look Tonight

I have never been to New York but something about this song makes me feel I have been there Frank Sinatra well known legend when it comes to Jazz music.

Etta James - At Last 

That voice is so beautiful to slow dance to, the Legend Etta James. If you are into violin wedding music this will be a perfect 1st wedding dance.

Billy Paul - Me And Mrs. Jones

MOTOWN music special if your last name is Jones this should be a easy choice for you.

Stand By Me, Ben E King

Another classic first dance songs and Stand By Me is such a good song there has been so many covers done by various artists.

Tamia - So Into You

Another R&B classic track I think the lyrics to this song are really good to dance to not to mention that 90’s R&B beat. There has been a couple of versions of this track but nothing beats the original.

Keyshia Cole - Heaven Sent 

This is by far the best track that Keyshia Cole has sung in her career, I have seen a lot of couples dancing to this track.

Mali Music - Beautiful

This is just a Beautiful song a very unique first dance but I love this songs.

So that is all for now, I hope this was helpful, but in case you still struggling to pick a Wedding first dance song remember one important thing “HAVE FUN AT YOUR PARTY”!!!

Tips to Consider when Hiring a DJ for your Wedding


Before you hire your wedding DJ please check if the package offers are reasonable and if you are really getting what you are paying for.

Avoid price shopping trying to get the best deal but focus on the value you are going to get.

You would not just buy a used car without doing a bit of research, test driving and among other things. So choosing a DJ for the best day of your life should include a bit of vetting.

Below are some of my tips to Consider before Hiring a DJ for your Wedding

Plan & Coordinate

A lot of planning and coordination with the rest of the Wedding proceedings needs to be done.

You do not want a DJ playing the First Dance music while the photographer is in bathroom.

It is important to find out how your DJ is going to help plan & coordinate the wedding. You can do this by asking the DJ:

• How many weddings have they done?

• Do they have previous notes, feedback from other wedding bookings?

• How long do you need to prepare for a wedding booking?

You can also check for testimonials & reviews to help you decide if the DJ is right for you.

Word of Mouth is also another way to get some information about hiring a DJ.

Wedding Expert


A DJ that specializes in weddings can bring some experience to your wedding that is more valuable. Public Liability Insurance & PAT testing certificate are some of the requirements that are needed when you hire a wedding venue. A club DJ typically won’t have these and it may cause stress. But for an experienced wedding DJ , this documentation will be provided as part of the package saving time and stress.

Personal attention

Find a DJ that will give your wedding the attention it deserves from start to finish. You should consider a DJ with the following skills:-


Customer service

A good listener.

Your DJ needs to be very reliable, be on time (2 hours before the wedding)

DJ Style

Hire a DJ that is capable to listen to your needs and understand your music taste and then are able to customize it to you taste. Provide a request of songs that you would like to be included at your wedding.

A good wedding DJ should be able to play to your needs and not tell you that this is not his style.

Think of it this way, you give the DJ your Soundtracks to your Wedding and the DJ should create the atmosphere you want for your wedding.

Keep the Dance floor Dancing

At weddings you generally have a wide range of age groups from your teenage nephews to your favourite Aunty and not to mention your Grandmother & Grandfather. So it can be difficult to keep the dance floor dancing.

If your wedding DJ is not able to balance the music to suit different age groups. Choose a DJ with a wide range of music from top 40 charts, pop, 90s R&B, Mo-Town, 80’s Disco & Rock n Roll. This gives a chance for all your guests to dance.

Read The Crowd

Do not just consider a DJ that has a wide range of music but you also need a DJ that knows the music. A DJ that is able to read the crowd, this so important especially at weddings.

State of the Art Sound System

Hire a DJ that has invested in high quality professional sound system. This is important at a wedding because you would like your guests to have quality sound from speeches and also the music during cocktails, meals and dancing time.

Microphone Skills

Photo via  Talen Events .

Photo via Talen Events.

Choose a DJ who knows how to talk on the microphone and knows when not to talk. Get someone with a friendly, clear and a professional voice. A good quality microphone is a must for any DJ, this also ties with having a Good Sound system.

So that is all for now, I hope the tips were helpful, but in case you forget everything I just said remember one important thing “HAVE FUN AT YOUR PARTY”!!!